2012. december 9., vasárnap

Cinema and ice cream. ... and december

My best friend and i went to watch the:

We decided to watch this when we first saw the trailer before the Thinker bell movie in the cinema..
I know we  were look funny among lot of little kids ,especially , my friend wore a shirt with a skull on it ( she is a rocker), and she is really really tall.
Well what can i say , we still believe in magic.(f*ck the systerm)

We laught a lot on the movie.I recommend to everyone to watch it.The elfes  were cute, the fairies too, and it was beautiful , and funny .. ect.But the sweetest things were the kids in the cinema .They had a deep empathy. The talked with the  characters. I would adop all those kids in that room.

ehh... NO, I hate kids.( except my niece and nephew, they are cute.... and smart and lovely...)

Oh the movie....
The main character was

 who has an idiot name in Hunagry.(  Dér Jankó)  i've never heard about him. I mean i know the Santa , the tooth fairy the easter bunny, but i was like

 Well he is a guardian too, he was choosen by the moon. ( I know it sounds stupid , but it's cool)He has a speciall power, he can freeze, and fly with the wind like a snowflake. And i didn't really get , but he can make people happy  or something ...
 After the movie, we talked with my friend about him.We 'd love to be he. So we have became jealous.He can fly, this is my old dream, He can freeze, and we both like the winter, the cold , the frost.And he can do what he want, I don't need to say  that everybody  wished that at least once .

We got angry and we ate 3 scoop of ice cream to proof that we are real men.And yes it is winter, and yes we ate it outside, and yes we are cooler than Jack frost.You may think we are stupid , and it was a wrong decision, but you think wrong , the ice cream was delicious, and we didn't even get cold.( I can't speak in Szasa's name, she is maybe ill i don't know,but i will ask.).. I ASKED HER, AND SHE THANKS,SHE IS VERY WELL.FUCK YEAH!

 Oh and i didn't get who is this guy
He is the Sandman 

they translated his name to sandman, but it would make more sence if they would call him dream elf(álom manó)I would know who is he  at the first  scene, not in the half of the movie.

Okay i don't say anything because i know my english is terrible.

Altought,the movie was ,...... orgasmic.
Just this:

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