2012. szeptember 3., hétfő

The new school./Kisképző

It was my first dayin the Hogwarts.
I've been waiting  this day for a long time.
My sleepless night before the big day.

But i'm still like this.
(My sister as Harry.)
Because my sister is study there since years , I know so much students already. And when we met i felt like:
I can't even tell you how happy i am.My classmates are friendly , and my teachers are too. And after one day i feel that:

It was okay when i met with people i know, the problem was , i had to speak to stangers.And they were many.
But they were okay , and now i'm happy.

And my school is beautiful......

Don't forget the cat.

I went to school with my sister and her boyfriend Andris.


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